German? No it’s Alsacienne!

It is peculiar the way the French regard many things, that you and I might class as German, as ‘Alsacienne’. This is particularly true when it comes to food.

While some things such as Sauerkraut/Flammekuche are known by their equivalent French names (choucroute/tarte flambee), other things seem to be simply adopted with the prefix ‘Alsacienne’ (Frankfurters = Alsacienne Sausages).

But curiously there appears to be only one speciality that carries the same name on both the German and French sides of the border: the humble ‘kugelhopf’. This is the rather odd shaped tea-cake that is baked using a special top-hat-cum-doughnut shaped dish.

It is neither identifiable as Alsacienne nor German, this is either because it is held in such high regard on both sides of the border, that to rename it would be nothing short of sacrilige; OR it tastes so bland that neither nation would want to lay claim to it’s invention.

One assumes that this conundrum must be what keeps the patissieres of Strasbourg selling Kugelhopfs by the crate-load to tourists day-in day-out. Personally, having tasted a kugelhopf or two, I would opt for the latter explanation, but don’t take my word for it – come to Strasbourg and buy one for yourself – everyone else seems to.

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