Christmas Carols at L'eglise Temple Neuf, Strasbourg, December 2005In France there doesn’t appear to be such a thing as a ‘big’ chicken.

In the UK, when you visit the supermarket meat section – you might be faced with three or four different sizes of the fowl, from small through to extra large. In France however – ‘small’ and ‘not quite so small’ appear to be the only choices.

Why is this the case one wonders? There are only two possible explanations as far as I can work out:

  1. French chickens smoke at least thirty tabs a day (Gauloises or Gitanes most likely)
  2. British Chickens are about as steroid-free as an Austrian Nordic skiing team

Of course there’s no need to panic if you like a large bird – in France you can always opt for a nice big Coq! (though they do tend to be a bit hard and chewy)