Having been very rude about Chirac’s concern over leaving a lasting legacy I have to admit that I am most impressed by France 24, the new french international news channel, one of Jacques’ big ideas.

Launched simultaneously in three languages (French, English & Arabic) over the internet last night, it is the only English Language station I am able to recieve in Strasbourg (without subscribing to a satellite broadcaster).

While it may well be the poorer cousin to CNN and BBC World it is certianly no less informative, it appears to be the only international news channel you can watch live over the internet – gratis.

What really sets the channel apart though is that the majority of reporters and newscasters are French – so you get a real sense that this is a French view of the world. Granted – you might not be able to understand a word half of them are saying … but sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for an exotic product.