Football = sport?

Why is it that (in the UK) we equate one game with a whole genre? In my mind ‘sport’ does not equal ‘football’. Football is a sport, of that there is no doubt, but why is it that when pundits talk about it, they feel they can ramble on without even mentioning the name of the game?

Your average radio sports bulletin now goes something like this:

“Today’s clash between the red-and-greens at Pongo Park Road will be crucial for Juan Pablo’s men from mars. Six and twelve down they need a firecracker of a pre-international season to come anywhere near qualifying for the Eleven-idiots cup. Meanwhile tabloid allegations about David van Googlebot’s altercation with the manager of the toffee chewers means he could be called up before the beak. More news in half an hour.”

That’s not a sports bulletin – that’s a load of old fart-footed footy fodder for fick people.

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