Flying to the UK?

It seems life in Strasbourg maybe about to get complicated for us expats, again.

Having waited years for a direct UK flight to come to the city – Easyjet and Ryanair both opened routes the within the same twelve months to London. Up until 2014 we’d either had to endure the minibus service to Baden Airpark for Ryanair’s wonderless service to Karlsruhe, a lengthy train ride to Basel for the Euroairport or a day-long journey by train via Paris – in order to get to London.

Yesterday however I noticed that both low-cost carriers appear to have withdrawn their services. Ryanair appear to have suspended flying to Strasbourg at least until late August while Easyjet appear to be closing their route completely on the 21st March – as neither route is now bookable online.

If both carriers withdraw from Strasbourg, for whatever reason (and I suspect French protectionism might be in play), then it will be a big step backwards for Europe’s capital city.


  1. UPDATE: I finally got a response from Entzheim Airport: “A ce jour aucun vol n’est prévu sur Londres pour la période souhaitée.” (At this time no flights to London are foreseen for your required period.) The period in question was April – I have replied enquiring about the June-August period. Will keep you posted if I hear any more.

    • Here’s their answer: “Nous attendons une réponse de leur part. A ce jour nous n’avons pas d’information. 🙁 ” (We’re waiting for an answer from them. We’ve heard nothing so far. 🙁 )

  2. Hey! Stumbled across your blog while browsing… Thought I’d chime in. The flights to England from Entzheim look to be stopping, but for some reason you can still fly *to* Strasbourg from the UK (Stansted, I did).

    What I’ve done so far is either take the TGV to Stuttgart (and from there a S-Bahn to the airport) or get the Lufthansa bus from Strasbourg train station to Frankfurt International. Both options take about 2 or 3 hours, but it’s cheaper and easier than hacking through Paris. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi
    We’re looking to visit Strasbourg this autumn. When I found that flights with EasyJet from Gatwick weren’t bookable after March I tweeted them asking about future availability. They at first tried to tell me that all schedules had been released until the end of October. However when I pursued the matter they went strangely quiet….

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