Flammenkuche hut

In my last post I unfairly referred to the local specialty ‘Tarte-flambée‘ as a ‘Pizza’. May the gods of Alsace strike me down for my blasphemous words, the humble Tarte-flambée is nothing like a pizza!

While both Pizza’s and Tarte-flambées are generally circular and edible, that is where the similarity ends. While a pizza base is made of bread-dough, a Tarte-flambée’s is made of pastry, and while the classic toppings on a pizza are tomato and cheese, on a Tarte-flambée they are bacon (lardons), onion and cream.

Also, the Tarte-flambée is wafer-thin which (one would hope) means fewer calories per mouthful (I mean how many fat people have you seen stuffing their face with a Tarte-flambée?).

So you see – they’re completely different! And it is plain to see too that the Tarte-flambée is infintely superiour to it’s Italian cousin.

If that’s true then why have I never heard of a ‘Tarte-flombay’ ?

The international success of the pizza is down entirely to it’s snappy name. “Tarte-flambée” just doesn’t roll off of the tongue like “pizza” does. AND THIS is precisely why those clever commerce-savvy Germans have come up with a better more market-friendly word for the Tarte-flambée: Flammenkuche.

With world trade now so easy they are bound to have the world chomping the pastry-crusted delight in no time at all!

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