When Chris Tarrant gave up his breakfast slot on Capital Radio it was a sad day for listeners across London’s airwaves.

Not only did his departure prove that his successors: Neil “Foxy / Doctor” Fox and then Johnny Vaughan were pretty lame by comparison; but it also proved how fundamental a good DJ is to a UK radio station. Because, to be frank, that’s the only thing that sets them apart these days.

It only takes a quick flick across the dials to discover that more or less every major commercial station in London plays more or less the same thing. At certain times of day – you can switch between Heart, Capital, Kiss, Virgin, Radio 1, Magic and Smooth and hear the very same song being played.

Caring for little more than listening figures the UK airwaves are now jam-packed with main-stream stations all jostling for the same audience.

So moving to France was like a breath of fresh air to my ears (can I say that?). Not only was I hearing a whole new world of music – in French and Spanish as well as English (but not German for some reason?) – I was also introduced to the idea of variety again.

What do I mean by “variety”? Well… can you imagine a radio station that plays classical music alongside punk-rock, jazz-funk and show-tunes? No? Then you should listen to FIP.

No commercials, no chat, just music for people who love music. If you ask me – it’s the best radio station in the world!