Further to my previous post on this matter, Strasbourg excelled itself last weekend.

The main Festival of the weekend was Rhine Fest (a Franco-German knees-up either side of the Rhine) and there was also Musica 2006 (the Strasbourg Music festival), both of which are ‘biggies’ on the annual festival calendar.

So – you would have been forgiven for thinking, if having passed through Place Zurich that same weekend, where a stage, beer tents and stalls were erected, that the festivities there were something to do with one of the aforementioned Festivals.

However – this was another Festival entirely!

The only way I know this for sure was the publicity attached to a tree in the middle of Place Zurich (just in front of the stage where a Lenny Kravitz tribute band were jamming at the time).

It was of course the neighbourhood jumble sale: Three days of jammin’ music and second-hand clothes!

(I’ve marked it in my diary for next year.)