It’s almost November. The weather has turned. The central heating is on. The clocks have gone back. You go to work in the dark, and return home likewise. The winter wardrobe is getting an airing. It almost feels like winter … yet you still feel there’s something missing … right?

No, it’s not Asbo’s letting off bangers in the street in premature anticipation of Guy Fawkes night – because you get your fix of that at New Year.


While the French might ‘celebrate’ Armistice day with a national holiday, they don’t indulge in the post-war solidarity the way we Brits do thanks to the British Legion‘s distribution of artificial poppies. Indeed, any British citizen with any kind of a soul, at this time of year would not be seen dead without a poppy neatly attached to the lapel of their overcoat.

Which means many Brits who live abroad will be feeling, well, practically naked without one right now.

It is fine news then that the first 100 Strasbourgeois to make it to Thomas Green’s this week will be able to cease their blushing and pick up a genuine British Legion poppy for, well, however much they feel like parting with.

Thanks be to big-hearted Matt H for arranging this charitable gesture.

Must run – need to start practising that two-minutes silence thing.