[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’What does the book cover?’]Contents include: Taxation in France; Pensions, Health, Social Security; Benefits and training; Language; Carte Vitale; Financing your activity; The Euro; Freelance Options; NAF codes; Regulated professions and trades.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’Are there really sixteen different freelance options to choose from? ‘]Yes. While there are only five official one-man business structures to choose from there are many ways to become self employed. Your choice is only restricted by the trade, product or service you wish to pursue.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’Are there plans for a French version of the book? ‘]Not yet. I have been asked this by many of my French friends, however, this would be a lot easier said than done! [/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’Who is the author of Freelance in France?’]Barth Hulley is a British, freelance creative mind with over 20 years business experience. His activities include: running open-source web solutions for business, social media marketing, French to English translation, screenwriting and teaching English as a foreign language. He has been living and working in France since 2006.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’I´m an independent bookseller, do you supply copies on a sale or return basis?’]Of course! Please get in touch with me using the contact form above stating the quantity required, ideally no less than 10 copies.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’That cover image… are you trying to put me off?’]There’s more than one way to lose your head. By opening your own business in France you are metaphorically putting your neck on the line because your chances of success are limited by France’s attitude to free enterprise. It’s an attitude that won’t decapitate you -but it will almost certainly drive you mad! Fore-warned is fore-armed, as they say.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable=’yes’ caption=’Can I buy a signed copy?’]Of course – just send me a message using the contact form on this site.[/bra_toggle]

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