There is a family game, which I knew fondly as a child as ‘Consequences’, the equivalent title of which this side of the channel is rather macabre: Exquisite corpse.

Essentially ‘exquisite corpse’ (or cadavre exquis in French) refers to a method art-form by which collaborators add to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being inspired the previous person’s contribution.

Last year I saw a show at the Kafteur of the same name without really understanding the title. Now I understand the title it is clear that the creators of ‘Cadavres Exquis‘ developed the show in this rather unconventional manner, while at the same time using the title itself as the inspiration for its theme: death.

Before you get too depressed it is worth knowing that the creators in question, Jean-Luc Falbraird and Etienne Bayart, are top-drawer comedians. The result then is a show that is dark, side-splittingly funny but above all – surprising.

Why am I telling you this now? Well, it is one of the few professional comedy productions you’ll be able to see in Strasbourg this year that are described as ‘quasiment sans parole’ (practically without words) – so if your French is still sub-fluent this is your one chance to go and have a right good giggle for a few Euros.

The show kicks off on Thursday 22nd May and runs until Saturday 31st. You can buy tickets at FNAC or on the door. See you there.