English Poet Laureate of Alsace

///English Poet Laureate of Alsace

English Poet Laureate of Alsace

Friends, it humbles me to reveal that my talents with the pen have finally been recognised. Winning is a rare experience and not since the Colgate toothpaste colouring competition in 1978 can I say I have actually won anything on individual merit. (Those rowing trophies usually required at least four other people) Je suis content.

I am of course talking about the English Speaking Community’s recent Limerick competition. Here’s an extract from this month’s ESC newsletter:

The response was extraordinary! There were 18 entries and they displayed a lot of originality. However I had to be quite objective and scientific in my assessment.
First, limericks have a syllable-rhythm. Applying this I went through each entry line by line, marking each with a cross or tick. This eliminated those with more crosses than ticks. Next, was the novelty and originality element in each entry. This of course is a personal choice which is much harder than ticks and crosses!
After much deliberation, I was left with about six entries and from these I chose the three best ones. Your President will have added the names of the authors that were kept secret so all I can do is congratulate the poet laureate (me!) and the two runners up. F. William-Smith

That winning entry once more:

There was a young chap, rather posh
Who was asked if he’d like to play squash
At la terrasse des halles
With Sarkozy and pals
Just provided he first had a wash.
(Bart Hulley)

Thank you

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  1. Bart November 28, 2009 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    While I hate to belittle my own success, I do feel the need to point out that this limerick doesn’t actually rhyme. The jury clearly did not notice that ‘des halles’ does not in fact rhyme with ‘and pals’ … as in the correct pronunciation of ‘halles’ you drop the ‘s’.

    Ungrateful? Me? Never!

  2. Bart January 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    The prize was a bottle of Cremant – many thanks ESC!

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