Old Gordy Brown has been complaining that his party’s policy of devolution has spurred on an opportunistic nationalist movement in the UK, and the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) are expected to make major in-roads into controlling the Scottish Parliament for the first time. So is an independent Scotland on the cards?

Ironically it is thanks to the existence of the EU that makes separation from the UK a real possibility for the scots. They already have and run most of their own public services, they even have their own legal system and banknotes. So as far as I can work out, the only thing they need to sort is their immigration service. (But how hard can that be?) The rest would be taken care of by the EU.

And so the switch from being a UK nation to an independent republic is so easy that it could take just a matter of months to realise. So the question is – just how close to Brussels do the Scots want to get? Will we be spending Euro’s at the Edinburgh festival next year?

Speaking as an Englishman (in Strasbourg mind you), unlike Mr Brown, I really don’t give a toss one way or the other.