En congé

Today I was able to pick up a copy of the free local rag ‘Metro’ for the first time in about six weeks.

No stikes, or local supply problems have been to blame for this of course – because Metro hasn’t actually been published for the past six weeks! The French news industry, like all other industries in France, has been on leave – or “en congé” to use the vernacular, for the summer.

Of course news per se doesn’t just stop for the holidays. Le Monde, Figaro et al are all still published as normal. The trick is – finding a newsagent who isn’t en congé in order to actuallly buy a copy, and then to find a story in the paper that hasn’t been written by a journalist who is clearly en congé too.

It is noticable from mid July onwards that the vast majority of news reports on TV and in the papers seem to eminate from some of France’s most popular holiday destinations. This is not coincidence, it is simply because – that’s where all the journalists are!

Good evening, the headlines tonight:
BONG: Lebanon Latest – more civilian casualties!
BONG: They make lovely cheese in the Auvergne!
BONG: Nice sunset in La Rochelle last night!

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