Dross 17

If you’ve ever flicked through the channels on offer on France’s digital terrestrial service (TNT) in search of some quality late-night entertainment, it is very likely that you will have skipped past channel 17 on more than one occasion… and I don’t blame you.

Currently labelled as “D17” (D for dross or diabolically-bad I assume) this low-level digital channel has proved itself to be somewhat of a waste of space since it’s launch as Europe 2 TV in 1995.  It’s barrel-scraping viewing figures are currently propped-up only by: the couch-potato favourite “le Zap” – a madcap clips show chock full of stuff downloaded from YouTube; and “Very Special Enquiry” – a magazine programme about the porn industry (or a flaccid excuse to fill the screen with tits and flesh for an hour or so).

While you can forgive a channel for pandering to the lowest common dominator, it’s entirely another thing when they treat the audience like memory-challenged goldfish and repeat their programmes from one week to the next.  OK, I admit it, I have watched both aforementioned shows … more than once … but that’s because I’m common.

If running your own TV station is as simple as playing the same few programmes on a one week ‘loop’ – then you have to wonder why more people aren’t doing it?

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