After three night’s performance with Quai des Prunes at the Kafteur I am finally able to wear green again with confidence, for the very word, green, is said to bring Francophone actors bad luck. I am not normally superstitious but having recently taken up acting (bilingually) I have been somewhat influenced by my fellow French players.

In English theatre it is well known that the mere mention of the Scottish Play (MacBeth) is strictly forbidden for fear of bringing bad luck upon a show. So it is with ‘Green’, ‘Rope’, ‘Bucket’ and ‘Rabbit’

[vert, corde, seau, lapin] in French theatre.

The superstition is such that scripts will be changed should any of these words appear.  So lines such as

There’s a rabbit in that green bucket on a rope!


There’s a green rabbit on a rope chewing my bucket!


The rabbit hopped over the bucket and ate the green rope!

would have to be changed significantly.

I wonder if there’s anything you shouldn’t say in a blog?