Luvvies on the News

Denzel Washington was on the news this evening. That is – he was in the TF1 newsroom sitting next to Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, for the entirety of the show, waiting for the opportunity to plug his latest film: “Déjà vu” at the end of the program.

But this is not unusual on TF1 – the news anchorman is usually given the task of doing the arts interview at the end of the program, think of it as the French equivalent of the “..and finally” bit they used to do on news at Ten. Only this – well it just doesn’t feel right…


Patrick winds up the serious stuff: “..and fifty people were injured when a bus overturned in the Mont Blac tunnel.” Then he switches to the role of arts luvvy: “Denzel darling, it’s wonderful to have you with us …” and winds up the show with: “..and you can pick up a copy of Denzel’s autobiography in most good bookshops (holds up DW’s book). That’s the end of the news, goodnight.”

I just can’t imagine John Humphrys doing the same…

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