There’s a bit of an arts and culture pile-up this weekend in Strasbourg.  You’d think the CUS (who sponsors the majority of these events) might point out to the organisers of said events in advance that they might clash so a bit of rescheduling could have taken place.  Anyway – it is entirely possible I suppose that you could find time to get around everything in the space of two days.

But, because I happen to be part of the team involved in organising the Festival Européen de la Bande Dessinée (see the website, I’m going to suggest you forget all about the cows and chickens in Place Kleber, reserve your tickets for the Premieres Theatre and Contretemps Music seasons for the evening or midweek and get yourself down to Place de la Bourse for Strasbourg’s internationally renowned comics festival.

Today’s unmissable event is THE PERFORMANCE whereby 50 or so authors tackle a predefined subject and come up with an original comic strip in just 5 hours.  The results from last year’s event were hilarious!  Tomorrow and Sunday the main event kicks off at Place de la Bourse (which is acctually called “place du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny” as I recently discovered – but isn’t as easy to pronounce).

There will be some 90 authors from around the world plus a variety of other attractions including donkey rides, t-shirt printing, music, shows, seminars, exhibitions etc… free entry for under 12s and also free if you come dressed as a comic-book character (that means properly – full get up, head to toe, not just a superman T-shirt or your Asterix pyjamas) otherwise it’s 4€ for the day or 6€ for the weekend.

Any questions – I’ll be on the ticket desk from 9-12 Saturday… see you there!