…is how the French prefer to eat their meat. Or rather, their ham, as they don’t appear to eat anything else.

You can buy cured ham, smoked ham, dried ham, salted ham, rolled ham, thin ham, thick ham, roast ham, boiled ham, turkey ‘ham’, belly ham, processed ham, fresh ham and of course “Bacon Anglais” (which is simply smoked ham with ‘bacon’ written on the packet).

One might be forgiven for thinking that buying the occassional sausage instead might offer your palette some relief from this ham obssessed diet; but most French sausages are made from – you guessed it – ham.

Don’t be fooled by their mysterious names either. Here’s a quick bit of jargon busting to help you at the meat counter…

Toulouse sausages = ham sausages
Paysage sausages = ham sausages
Chiploatas = ham sausages
Merguez = ham sausages
Saucisses a grillee = ham sausages
Knacks = processed ham sausages
Avergne = dry ham sausage

What I wouln’t give for a pound of Cumberland pork sausages right now!