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The French for brassiere

Soutien-gorgeIt’s a remarkable feat. I’ve been in France for over six years and never once have I been tempted to look up the direct translation of brassiere (or ‘bra’ if you prefer). This was because I had assumed that ‘brassiere’ was itself a French word and therefore must mean the same thing. Not so.
In paying attention to the audio track of a TV spot for said undergarment last night (for which I usually focus my visual senses) I heard […]

A Little Bit of Chaos

Is it wrong to write a review for your own book? It’s certainly not illegal. Arguably, if prepared to admit the conflict of interest up front, there’s no reason why an author shouldn’t at least have a go at convincing people to buy their own work. Ahem. In the most impartial and balanced way you understand?