Referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of something you can’t comprehend.

Vote only once by putting a cross

[x] in the box next to your choice.

Should the United Kingdom remain part of something you don’t understand?

Yes. Remain a member of the thing, regardless.

No. Leave it – like Dunkirk what!?

Referendum on the United Kingdom’s favourite politician.

Vote only once by putting a cross [x] in the box next to your choice.

Should the United Kingdom like Dave or Boris more?


Boris – coz he was on that TV show.

What was written on the real ballot paper, it seems, is irrelevant. The UK’s departure from the EU table is thanks in no small part to our nation’s politicians perpetually underselling and blaming the European project for all of the country’s woes; for the last four decades! The truth, or educating the populace as to the truth, was never in their interests … until it was too late.

Cameron, in a fog of egotistical delusion, believed that forty years of dissing foreigners across the channel would all be forgotten the moment he asked the people to make a choice. He was wrong. The fuckwit.

Until yesterday, the UK was an integral part of Europe – the British had sat at the negotiating table for every major, minor and seemingly insignificant decision, had had their input and contributed to the creation of what the EU is today: a strong trading block with social justice at it’s heart. Yet, every time an election came around our political classes saw fit to put the EU at arms length, and to present it as if it were nothing to do with them – to even present it as problematic to our future.

Personal, short-term gain was always put before national interest. The rejection of the EU should therefore come as little surprise to those who spent much of their political careers building an illusionary “them and us” relationship with the continent.

It wouldn’t be quite so hard to take if the British Public had been demanding a referendum – but they hadn’t. Cameron, the fuckwit, simply called the vote to put an end to infighting within his own party and respond to the fuckwits out there voting for other fuckwits like Nigel Farage. He thought that his mandate (in Downing Street thanks to a feeble 36% of the 2015 vote) would be enough to quell his rivals and set him on a path to establishing “strong government” (that’s a dictatorship to you and I.)

Tony Blair, for all his faults, said a long time ago that an EU referendum was too risky – as the electorate were unlikely to fully understand the issues at play. That is, after all, why we elect politicians: to understand the issues and make the tough decisions, to look at the pros and cons of something and make an informed choice on our behalf. Only an idiot would put something as crucial as membership of the EU before a populace jaded by 40+ years of anti-europe bullshit. But alas – we had an idiot for a Prime Minister. The deed is done.

The likely outcome of this mess is that the UK will continue to operate within the single market in much the same way as Norway does. i.e. that obeys all of the EU’s rules and regulations in order to trade in Europe – while having precisely no say in proceedings. Brilliant!