Ok, so we were fairly stupid to leave our son’s Thomas and Friends back-pack on our Ryanair flight into Stansted last weekend, but that doesn’t justify the frankly secretive way in which Mister O’Leary’s bunch of cowboys handle lost property.

Information on the Ryanair website would lead you to believe that there is some sort of procedure in place to ensure passengers are reunited with their property.  Not so. There is only a number to call which acts as nothing more than a crafty revenue stream for Ryanair, connecting you to an answering service that says ‘please hold while we connect you’ but of course it never connects – and the longer you hold the more you spend.  Brilliant!

The only way to find out for sure what had happened to our luggage was to show up at Stansted in person and speak to someone at the ticket desk.  They handed us a photocopy of the details of their outsourced luggage handling providers – who apparently get sent everything that’s found on a fight.

Why Ryanair don’t publish this information on their own website is unfathomable – and frankly frustrating as hell. It’s not exactly the hallmark of a customer orientated enterprise now is it? But to be fair Ryanair have never professed to give a (flying) toss about their customers anyway.

Now, because I’m a nice chap, I’m going to let you have this top secet information for free! Read on …

Dear passenger

With regard to any items that have been left on flights in to Stansted with Ryanair (or any of the Swissport handled airlines), please contact us on the following telephone number allowing 24hours from the day of arrival.

Telephone 01279 810014 or email lostproperty@1stflight.co.uk with the following details:

  1. name
  2. airline travelled
  3. date of flight
  4. brief description of missing item
  5. contact telephone number

We will contact you advising if the item hs been found to arrange return.

Regards, First Flight Forwarders