Bloody Ryanair

Ok, so we were fairly stupid to leave our son’s Thomas and Friends back-pack on our Ryanair flight into Stansted last weekend, but that doesn’t justify the frankly secretive way in which Mister O’Leary’s bunch of cowboys handle lost property.

Information on the Ryanair website would lead you to believe that there is some sort of procedure in place to ensure passengers are reunited with their property.  Not so. There is only a number to call which acts as nothing more than a crafty revenue stream for Ryanair, connecting you to an answering service that says ‘please hold while we connect you’ but of course it never connects – and the longer you hold the more you spend.  Brilliant!

The only way to find out for sure what had happened to our luggage was to show up at Stansted in person and speak to someone at the ticket desk.  They handed us a photocopy of the details of their outsourced luggage handling providers – who apparently get sent everything that’s found on a fight.

Why Ryanair don’t publish this information on their own website is unfathomable – and frankly frustrating as hell. It’s not exactly the hallmark of a customer orientated enterprise now is it? But to be fair Ryanair have never professed to give a (flying) toss about their customers anyway.

Now, because I’m a nice chap, I’m going to let you have this top secet information for free! Read on …

Dear passenger

With regard to any items that have been left on flights in to Stansted with Ryanair (or any of the Swissport handled airlines), please contact us on the following telephone number allowing 24hours from the day of arrival.

Telephone 01279 810014 or email with the following details:

  1. name
  2. airline travelled
  3. date of flight
  4. brief description of missing item
  5. contact telephone number

We will contact you advising if the item hs been found to arrange return.

Regards, First Flight Forwarders


  1. dear sir or madam, left my spectacles on ryanair flight 8028 going out from stansted 10/2/11,would be pleased if you would let me know if you have them. regards john de’ath

  2. I left my ipad on board flight from barcelona last night I know exactly which seat.
    By the time i got through passport control the flight had turned around and gone back.
    I was told you have to presume anyhting you leave on board is now lost -NO I said I will presume anything left on board will be stolen! I am taking this as far as I can – its an outrage – you lose anything then tough is their attitude. BLOODY RYANAIR

  3. Many thanks – left laptop on the late-night flight back from Berlin last night. Phoned First Flight Forwarders on the number above about 15 mins ago and it had just been handed in. They also wanted proof it was mine (password or serial number) which I appreciated. Have made appointment and will be driving to their depot to pick it up on Monday.

    The Ryanair website says ‘for items left on plane please go to Stansted left luggage’ and provides a link. Stansted left luggage website says ‘please contact your airline for items left on plane’. I’d have been stuffed without your post.


  4. Same experience at Stansted yesterday with a flight from Sweden. Left a wallet with IPad and mobile phone inside BY THE EMERGENCY EXIT SEAT 17. Stansted said it had not been fouynd in my (numbered) seat and must have therefore gone back to Skavsta. Stockholm Skavsta says flight report for whole return journey says it was found AT STANSTED. So, where do these items go ?

    If there is a thief, they better watch out; ‘find my IPad’ is activated and it will also erase and lock on reconnection to the internet. Not that I ever expect to see it again of course.

  5. well we left a mac book pro laptop in the overhead locker. We were not at all hopeful about getting it back even though we realised while still at the. Airport. The Ryanair clerk at the airport was very unhelpful but did give the info to call the left luggage handling company.. And they had it! And couriers it back to us within 48 hours! Result :). My faith is restored

  6. I left my phone which is in a wallet case that had my only debit card, bus card, immigration card and student ID ect ect on it, realized I didn’t have it at baggage claim, ran to the desk said “I lost my phone!”
    Lady handed me a piece of paper “Here’s a number you can call.”
    Oh, and the best part? First Flight is closed on the weekend so I have no idea and no way to get a hold of my phone despite the fact that I was in London from Friday to Monday.

    • Dear Sir/Madam

      I left my phone(black Nokia c3) which is in a wallet case yesterday 29/10/2015 on flight FR3953 from Portugal to Mancheste.
      I was calling yestreday to today no answers I need. I would know if they find my mobail.

  7. this is so true my husband left his wallet on Friday 8th july on a flight from kos to Stansted ,went straight to Ryanair customer service at Stansted, the lady there was the most rude and unhelpful person I have ever met with, and just threw a form at us and continued talking to a person she was working with, a disgrace Ryanair we still no idea what happened to the wallet, sent a email to Ryanair no response from them so must have been picked up from someone on flight and was kept .

  8. First Flight Forwarders Ltd contacted me to say they are holding an item which they believe is mine. Turns out it’s my drivers license. They want £20 to post 1st class within the UK

  9. Having had it on the flight I realised I didn’t have my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone with me when I got to Passport control at Stansted yesterday.

    I have emailed and phoned ever since but so far no response or anyone answering the phone.

    Any news on the Thomas and friends backpack?

  10. I left my wallet & bank card in seat pocket on way back from Faro, reported it and was amazed when I got telephone message from 1st Flight Forwarders to say it had been found. Bad news is I’ve been trying to call them, email etc etc for 3 weeks and get no reply from either. What’s the point of letting me know they have my wallet and then won’t let me arrange to get it back?!

  11. Hi, I have left a coat a Barbour coat on the plane ,coming from Rome to stansted ,costumer service just handled me a cad with the lost property website , no reply , and the phone line is open until 1.30 pm but they don’t pick up phone

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