It has been noted, on a number of occasions in the past, that my sense of humour often takes some getting used to. This is a fact that I’m neither proud nor ashamed of. However, over time I have come to realise that if I misjudge a new audience, and the delivery of a ‘gag’, it has the potential to result in giving entirely the wrong impression about me. All right, not necessarily ‘wrong’ but one which I’d rather not have them believe – straight away anyway.

This ‘first impressions’ concept is something I am trying to impress upon my 3 year old son who, having recently started school, is making an effort to become popular with his mates by making them laugh. Nothing wrong with that, however his sense of humour is stuck somewhat in a scatological phase.

That is, he thinks the word ‘poo’ is hilarious. So much so in fact, that he chortles to himself immediately after every time he says it.

Now, let’s be honest, the occasional, well placed ‘poo’ can be funny. Indeed, I once submitted a sketch to the light-entertainment department at BBC Radio 2, that contained said noun, and the response from the script-editor was very favourable. In fact – he confessed to me that it was one of his favourite words!

But like a crack-junkie my son is addicted to it, and really doesn’t know when enough is enough. Our attempts to reign in his enthusiasm for potty-mouthed-comedy have met with strong resistance though, not least because when we attempt to outlaw ‘poo’ – he simply comes back at us with:

KAKA! Ha aha aha aha …. etc.

Oh the perils of raising bilingual children!