I have rarely taken the view that the words emanating from the lips of David Cameron are little more than the verbal equivalent of honey-coated horse droppings. That is, seemingly substantial and sweet – yet upon closer inspection clearly just horse manure.

Never was this more true than at yesterday’s launch of his ‘Big Society’ project. Which is based upon the idea that if the public want public services then it is the public who should provide them – for free.

As an old Etonian, I doubt whether Dave has ever needed to use a public service – so no doubt this all seems quite logical to him? There is one major flaw in his plan however – taxes.

The reason the populous pay ‘taxes’ is so that the government can provide public services. That is the main if not the only point of paying taxes (stealth or otherwise). The fact that the current, last and previous governments of the United Kingdom have failed to use tax revenues as intended, is no fault of the people who pay them.

Here in France it is easy to see where the money goes:

  • public sector pay
  • fantastic rail system
  • world beating health system
  • free education for every child from age 3
  • support for the arts, sport and culture

Where does it go in Britain then, if the government are too hard-up to pay for a few more pairs of hands at your local museum? Here’s my hypothesis:

  • buying failed banks
  • fees for Whitehall consultants, lawyers and accountants
  • public enquiries into just about everything
  • the Private Finance Initiative
  • private sector subsidies

The reality is that successive British governments have washed their hands of their responsibility to provide public services and simply handed it, and most of the money, over to the private sector. The private sector however is driven by profits, not the public well-being.

Asking the public to work for nothing while syphoning off their cash for corporate dividends is nothing short of sickening hypocrisy Dave, lucky for you though that the majority of the electorate don’t know any better. If they did they’d have marched you and your kind to the guillotine long ago.

Socialism anyone?