If you want to cycle in Strasbourg and look like one of the locals:

  1. Ensure your bike makes a clanking noise of some description
  2. Never wear a safety helmet
  3. When cycling at night – ensure that your bike is NOT equipped with lights. (exception: dynamo systems that make a lot of noise but not a lot of light – are okay)
  4. Ensure your bike is equiped with a bell that goes ‘TING’. (ones that go ‘RING-RING’ will simply attract universal derision)
  5. Cycle on pavements, pathways, tramlines, footpaths and in cycle lanes – but never in the road – you might get hurt!
  6. When cycling on the pavement ring your bell as often as possible – this way pedestrians will know to get out of your way, ideally by stepping into the road.
  7. Whenever using a cycle lane – ensure you are going in the opposite direction to the arrows painted on the ground.
  8. If it is a two-way cycle lane and you meet an cyclist coming the other way: keep right … or left.
  9. Learn to cycle one-handed. This will free up the other hand to answer/operate your mobile phone or hold up an umbrella when it’s raining.
  10. Learn to cycle no-handed. This trick comes into it’s own when you need to make some calls in the rain.
  11. Never smoke while cycling – it gets in your eyes.
  12. When cycling in a particularly busy pedestrianised area – just close your eyes and keep going – most people should get out of your way.
  13. Many busy junctions have traffic light systems for cyclists. When met with a red light, it’s okay to stop and wait for a green; and when met with a green light, likwise it’s okay to stop and wait for a red…

Happy cycling.