Groan. Just when you think you’re safe from the corporate tentacles of Richard Branson – he goes and sticks another ‘Virgin’ enterprise up your nose.

This time the unfortunate target was France’s second most popular music station ‘Europe2’ … which from 1st January 2008 is now known as ‘Virgin Radio‘. But it’s not pronounced ‘Verge-an Raddy-oh’ the way it should be pronounced in French (certainly not in the jingles) it’s pronounced in exactly the same manner as in the UK.

Virgin Mobile‘ has also recently been launched in France.

What does this tell you? That Branson has got a sniff of free enterprise opening up in France under the Sarkozy regime. Who knows what’s next – with a load of possible privatisations in the offing Branson could be there to snap up his share in SNCF (Virgin Chemin-de-fer?), La Poste (Virgin Poste-Escargot), Les Autoroutes (Virgin Rues), GDF (Virgin Gas)…