The recent developments in the British Government’s stance on Brexit have horrified me. Mrs May’s positioning of the conservative party as squarely on the far right – a space that once belonged to UKIP and the BNP – is huge cause for concern.

This is happening even though the referendum margin was only 4%, even though the conservatives got a parliamentary majority with only 36% of the vote, even though only 12% of people at the general election thought UKIP were worth listening to and even though Theresa May hasn’t been elected by anybody – not even her own party. Yet to the media at large it all seems so perfectly acceptable that they are hardly bothering giving the subject any airtime at all.

We should be afraid, very afraid, at the nation’s march towards territorial nationalist “populism.” – for where will it all end?

I predict that the first victim of a Hard Brexit will be the NHS – with hospitals, clinics and health trusts rapidly sold to American firms for a pittance having lost 30% of their staff to new immigration rules and unable to pay back their PFI contracts. Chances are too that the UK will sign a fag-packet free trade arrangement with the US just months after the Brexit negotiations conclude … and US inc will be the party getting the better deal. The future looks dark, very dark, for Britain.

(image: copyright 2016 Nigel Auchterlounie)