Colmar, Alsace, October 2005Today the phrase “Go the blues!”

[translated] can be heard echoing across France in light of their football team’s victory over Italy last night.

While I have nothing against this catchy little mantra, it does get a little tiring after the seven millionth time you’ve heard it. But the sad fact is that the French have very little imagination when it comes to urging their team along.

They chant “Allez les bleus” regardless of whether they are watching football, rugby, tennis, basketball, cycling, athletics; and so too regardless of whether their team or player is winning or losing; it seems to have universal application.

I never thought I’d say it – but now I’m so bored of Allez les Bleus – I’d almost prefer to hear a poor rendition of Fat Les’s “Vindaloo” occassionally, or even …. “Olé olé olé”.