The prevailing weather systems that move west-to-east across Europe can bring a variety of climatic conditions to Alsace. In the past week, we’ve had snow, rain, sleet, blazing sunshine, warm days, freezing nights and bizarrely – one or two very blustery days.

The reason a blustery day in Strasbourg is bizarre is because ‘wind’ is the one meteorological condition that we don’t get a great deal of here. This is thanks to the Vosges and the Schwarzwald mountains sitting just to the west and east, where most prevailing air currents are stopped in their tracks, giving us near windless weather most of the year, and very often cloudless too.

When it snows or rains it comes straight down, not sideways like it does in the UK and Ireland. So the inside-out umbrella is practically an unknown phenomenon here.

I have difficulty in understanding why many people believe that the best places in France are to be found along the south coast – because these places are usually whipped senseless by howling winds all year round. If you ask me it’s not worth the journey for a few degrees of warmth.

Wind power would never work here – but whenever I return to the UK I’m increasingly astounded as to why there isn’t a wind-turbine upon every roof.