I received an ‘oh-so-helpful’ response to my plea for financial aid from my ‘mutuelle’ yesterday. To paraphrase:

Your letter has reached my attention. However it is impossible for me to respond favourably to your request for your anticipated revenue for 2009.

Ordnance 2003/1213 of 18/12/2003 states that estimated revenues must take into account, by anticipation, the civil year in which they will be settled.

As such if you give me, in writing, an estimation of your revenue for 2010, I will be able to send your request to the treasury of the provincial freelancer health insurance trust, in view of your anticipated contributions.

Be aware though that if your actual revenue for the year 2010 is more than one tier above your estimate an increase of 10% will be added to your contributions.

In other words: “we can’t reduce your contributions until we have an estimate of what you are going to earn this year, and if you underestimate what you are going to earn, you’ll have to pay 10% more when you submit your accounts in May 2011” (but if I wait until they have the actual figure for 2009, in a couple of months time, I won’t have to supply them with an estimate for 2010 at all – because they will do the estimate themselves!). Sheesh!

So it is in my interest, and theirs, to follow the normal process and pay through the nose until their computer has done the appropriate calculations, after I submit my accounts for 2009, and then have reduced or no payments from then until the end of the year. So what if I need the money now?