A Little Bit of Chaos

Is it wrong to write a review for your own book?

It’s certainly not illegal. Arguably, if prepared to admit the conflict of interest up front, there’s no reason why an author shouldn’t at least have a go at convincing people to buy their own work. Ahem. In the most impartial and balanced way you understand?

A Little Bit of Chaos is the title of my first book, and although I hate to blow my own trumpet (as I’m sure my friends will attest?), it is something of an unusual, if not unique, work. Unless of course there are many playwrights out there who have also written a play in their mother tongue, translated it into French, rewritten its jokes for French audiences, typeset it, designed the cover and then pubilshed it themselves – then I could be proved wrong.

However, unique or not in an corporeal sense, the tale of McBryde and his domestic android Groome is certainly distinct. Set in the future, it tells of a solitary bachelor who attempts to pervert his artificially intelligent servant and companion into committing the worst of human atrocities – murder. It is an intelligent comedy that explores human nature and the evolving replationship we have with machines and technology, that even today we take for granted to run our everyday lives.

With an approximate running time of 30 minutes however, it is not suitable for performance in isolation. That is, it is intended to be presented as part of a longer production and it is perhaps for this reason that A little bit of Chaos has yet to be performed at all, in either French or English. As its author, I hope that publication will increase its chances of being selected for performance by amateur or professional theatre groups in Britain and France. (Both English and French versions are included in the book.)

However, whether you are involved in theatre or not, it makes for an entertaining read in English and (I am told) in French. 

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