Last weekend I was party to a expedition to the incredible Alpamare acquatic complex a few miles south of Zurich.

Billed as the biggest covered waterpark in Europe – this has to be the most incredible ‘swimming baths’ I have been to in my life, and if I were less than half my age – I’d probably be bugging my parents to take me there again next weekend, and every weekend for the next year or so. It’s so cool!

With 10 tube slides (including those that shoot you out into the open and pouring rain/snow/hail) of varying excitement, that you can negotiate on your backside, a matt, rubber ring or dingy (2 or 3 man); there is a hot outdoor salt pool, a warm outdoor swimming pool (with cold plunge pool), an outdoor ‘rapids’ and an indoor sloped pool with wave machine and storm effects.

The complex is built on the side of one of Switzerland’s smaller mountains (about 50 meters high I’d say) in the nondescript suburb of Pfaffikon on the south side of Lake Zurich. If you’re prepared to make the round trip in a day – it’s just about doable from Strasbourg, being a mere 2 and a half hours drive away, though equally attainable by train – but likely to take longer due to the change at Zurich.

If you have kids aged six plus – then I guarantee they’ll be occupied for the whole day, and exhausted by the end of it. If you don’t have any kids – even better!

If you visit the Alpamare website you can enjoy video fly-throughs of all the tube slides … here’s one for your enjoyment:

Balla Balla

hier kommt der film