Believe it or not there is a republican movement in the UK. Unfortunately for Britain however, they are far from having anything resembling political clout.

If you take a look at their website:

Their arguements for a republic are about as compelling as a lukewarm cup of cocoa. Reasons for becoming a republic include “would be good for tourism”. A spot of warm weather would be good for tourism guys!

Under their ‘what we believe’ section it starts off by suggesting replacing the monarch with a directly-elected CEREMONIAL head of state! Why?! So that the entire populous could vote for the person who’s myriad of duties would include showing up at national sporting events, being the ‘host’ to overseas dignitaries and snipping the ribbon at the opening of the occassional envelope? Fantastic – what a waste of time that would be.

Who would we vote for? The best qualified person in my mind would be Basil Brush.

Hello Mister Bush sir. Oo you’ve got a firm grip. I say a Bush in the hand is worth two in the bird eh? Geddit? Boom-boom! I say did you hear the one about the Sunni, the Shia and the Kurd? No? Boom-boom! Geddit? You’re not laughing mister Bush sir. Would you like a cup of tea?

If that was the only alternative on offer – then I’d stick with the Queen and Prince Charles. Much as I think Basil Brush would do a stirling job.

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