One of the unique advantages of living in Strasbourg is that you can nip across the border into Germany to do a bit of shopping now and again.

Although this may sound a little bizarre – the Germans do enjoy a retail market where many everyday household items are significantly cheaper than in France. So every Saturday morning there’s usually a cross-border crush as half of the population of Strasbourg relocate to Kehl (Strasbourg’s German suburb) to pick up cheaper disposable nappies, healthfoods and cleaning products.

So you can imagine the collective disappointment of the thousand or so French people who made their usual trek into Deutschland today to discover that all the shops were closed. Why? The Festival of Kings / Epiphany / Twelfth Night – i.e. it’s a holiday.

And there you have it – one of the unique disadvantages of nipping across the border into Germany to go shopping is that you’re made to feel like a god-less consumerist heathen now and again.