The twilight of populism?

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It has been hard to ignore the goings-on state-side over the past few months. Never before has the pathetic state of our American cousins' democracy been so evident. How is it that the world's largest democracy (note I did not use the word 'greatest') continues to be so undemocratic? What other nation on earth would describe the Electoral College as a just system for a representative democracy? From the nation that gave us the word, it is simply Gerrymandering on a national scale. How is it that the Republican party is allowed to get away with Gerrymandering seats for the two houses of government as well as loading the judicial system with its cronies? How is it that many states get away with voter suppression, and unchecked by the judicial system? How is it that a supposedly secular nation thinks that belief in God is a key requirement for serving your country? How is it that gun reform plays no part in policy discussion, when guns are the nation's biggest problem? How is it that the healthcare system is [...]