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The twilight of populism?

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It has been hard to ignore the goings-on state-side over the past few months. Never before has the pathetic state of our American cousins' democracy been so evident. How is it that the world's largest democracy (note I did not use the word 'greatest') continues to be so undemocratic? What other nation on earth would describe the Electoral College as a just system for a representative democracy? From the nation that gave us the word, it is simply Gerrymandering on a national scale. How is it that the Republican party is allowed to get away with Gerrymandering seats for the two houses of government as well as loading the judicial system with its cronies? How is it that many states get away with voter suppression, and unchecked by the judicial system? How is it that a supposedly secular nation thinks that belief in God is a key requirement for serving your country? How is it that gun reform plays no part in policy discussion, when guns are the nation's biggest problem? How is it that the healthcare system is [...]


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Je propose d'écrire cet article en français pour changer la routine. Je vous demande pardon si je commis des erreurs de grammaire ou des fautes d'orthographe de temps en temps, mais voilà. Malgré la rhétorique autour des chiffres de mortalité "il ne faut pas comparer les chiffres d'un pays à l'autre" j'ai gardé un œil sur ce fameux chiffre pendant toute la crise sanitaire. Même s'ils ne démontrent pas toute la vérité de la situation ils nous donnent une indication de l'efficacité des pays traiter l’épidémie. Bien que j'habite en France c'est le Royaume-uni qui m'a intéressé le plus, car les aînés de la famille sont là. Ce qui est évident est que la réponse de la France a été beaucoup plus efficace que la plupart des autres pays aussi touchés. Le confinement en France a marché. La pente descendant après le pic est plus raide que tous les autres pays, et maintenant il existe la possibilité réale que le pays va être capable de retourner à une vie quasiment normale d'ici quelques semaines. L'effort des Français eux-mêmes joue [...]

Vote for the virus

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Thursday night was perhaps the first time in our 15 year tenure in France that we actually sat down as a family to listen to the President's speech, and understood 95% of what he was talking about. The announcement of school closures was, of course, met with rapture and grins by those in the throes of an education. Knowing how hypochondriac the French nation is, if Macron had announced anything short of total lockdown - there would have been widespread outrage. Indeed, the slightest sniffle is seen as a valid excuse for a week off work in the Republic; so this is serious! Because of this attitude, that has every French person hammering on the door of their local GP every time they feel slightly off colour, it's safe to say that the published figures for positive tests are most likely among the most accurate in the world. Unlike the USA where people are either unable to get tested or unable to afford to get a test should they feel unwell. So, considering that any gathering over more than [...]

Happy Feck-off Farridge Day!

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Sometime ago I said that one of the few upsides to Brexit would be the departure of Mr Anarchy himself who has happily been collecting his MEP salary for the last 20 years while doing precisely nothing to warrant it (besides campaigning for re-election every few years.) Mr Farridge (note the the Anglicised spelling of a poncey foreign-sounding name) has been a waste on resources and a waste of European tax-payers money for two decades. No more. Indeed, another benefit for we Strasbourgeois is that there is now a much reduced chance of running into old gobby in the street, cycling through his cigar smoke or having to put up with his loud narcissism in a restaurant or bar. Yay! The other upsides to Brexit include... er, well I can't think of any right now. Perhaps we'll know in about ten years time what benefits it has brought to the UK and EU. Maybe it's time for a few predictions? Looking back at 2017 when I wrote this post - I wasn't far off what was to befall in [...]

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