“Sarkozy will win”

By |2017-01-06T11:16:33+01:00May 9th, 2012|Life in France|

Yes the incumbent French President will retain his post - it is the only logical outcome ... or so my English friends seemed to think when I gauged their analytical brains last week on a short trip to London. The media too seemed to agree with them - headlines like "Too close to call" implying Hollande's consistent lead in the polls since the beginning of the year could be overturned in a matter of hours. Denial ain't just a river as they say. A true 'socialist' president was such an unthinkable result for the people of Britain that they did their best to convince themselves that such a thing wasn't actually possible, but indeed it was, and is. For those of us actually in France, the idea that Sarkozy would be ousted was inevitable and, to some, a very pleasing thought. Although in Alsace, with the exclusion of Mulhouse and Strasbourg, Sarkozy romped home - thanks to our traditionally far-right electorate who have consistently keep the LePenn's in business. The reason for his removal from office was [...]