I picked the Grand National Winner!

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... shame I didn't place a bet. Or rather, was unable to place a bet. I spent some forty minutes or so before the 'off' trying, in vain, to get access to my Ladbrokes account in order to stick four pounds each way on Neptune Collonges. However, my efforts proved fruitless. So it was with heavy heart that I watched my nag cross the line at Aintree in first place.  Mince! Before you techie people punt in with a comment about 'proxy' services - a way you can trick websites into thinking you're in a different country - I tried that too - but also without success. A little digging as to why Grand Frère did not want me to place a bet using a foreign betting service reveals that that old French trait 'protectionism' has a lot to do with it.  If, for example, I had tried to bet using the government's own betting service PMU.fr - I would have met with no resistance (but I have 15 GBP sitting in my Ladbrokes account!). The French, of course, [...]