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Bunch of poo-heads

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It's around this time of year, every year since our arrival in France in fact, that Les Enfoirés make their appearance on our TV screens. Each year these fifty or so celebrities tour the nation with a show to raise money for the national soup-kitchen charity Restos du Cœur (Restaurants of the heart). All very admirable. [...]

The default career

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At the moment I'm not experiencing that euphoria, that Friday feeling, when the weekend looms large as it does today.  This is partly due to the fact that the weekend usually involves just as much work around the house as it does in the office during the week, but is primarily related to the fact that I have recently become an English teacher. I teach 2 hours on Friday afternoons and 4 hours on Monday morning (starting at 8am).  Which does tend to put a dampener on my weekends. This was not by design of course, it just so happens that that's the way the timetable has worked out. Although I am now a self-proclaimed "Professor of English", at the school where I teach, the only thing that qualifies me for this noble title - is my mother tongue, nationality and a bit of lecturing experience. If my students ever complain about my methods then I can say in my defence that I never planned to become a teacher in the first place, and I never said I was [...]

Where to start?

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I sometimes get these pleas for help from soon-to-be ex-pats.  Today, I received this one from Dave (below). As ever, I'm happy to offer advice wherever I can, however if you there's anything you think you can add (particularly the part about rights for US citizens in France) - then please chip-in using the comments form underneath. Hello, My name is Dave and I am a US citiz­en mar­ried to a Ger­man citiz­en. I spent time in Stras­bourg when I was in the Army and loved it. We have a 2 yr old and a second lit­tle one due any day now. We are think­ing serious­ly about mov­ing from US to Stras­bourg. We have a lot of ques­tions but most in­teres­ted in fin­d­ing work and hous­ing along with VISA status (re­stric­tions, li­mita­tions for each type etc.). What would you sug­gest is a good placed to start our search? Any in­for­ma­tion or links would be help­ful. Won­der­ing if my wife's EU Passport would make it eas­i­er to move there? I speak En­glish and Spanish and my wife speaks En­glish and [...]

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