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Well isn't this delightful? I am finally able to present to you, ladies and gentlemen, a whole season of anglophone entertainment, or entertainment for anglophones if you prefer, in our dear city of Strasbourg.  Come one, come all, come numerously... and quit whining that there's nothing to do around here! Inédit Théâtre present "Impro in English" | 9 March 2012;  CAMMIONNEUR, rue Wodli, 67000 Strasbourg The English Theatre Group present "An evening of non-sense!" | 16-18 and 23-25 March 2012; MUNSTERHOF, 9 rue des juifs, Strasbourg 67000 Tagora presents "Oh, What a Lovely War!" | 12-15 April 2012; CUBE N0IR, CREPS Campus, Koenigshoffen Inédit Théâtre present "Impro in English" | 11 May 2012;  CAMMIONNEUR, rue Wodli, 67000 Strasbourg

Eat my crudeness

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Far from being an exact science, the act of translating from language to another can be full of pitfalls, which is why it is considered such an art-form.  As I have already highlighted here in a number of posts, the precise meaning or sentiment of a phrase can often go awry due in part to the limitations of the target or source language and so, only an experienced translator should be relied upon for an accurate translation. If you've ever tried using an online translation app such as Babel Fish, World Lingo or Google translate, you will probably already be aware that automated results are often far from perfect; and you would be forgiven for thinking that a reliable old bilingual dictionary might be a tad more dependable, however, I'm afraid to say that that's not always the case. On a recent excursion to a pleasant little auberge (hostel) in the Vosges for lunch a rather amusing translation became evident after a quick scan of the menu - upon which the waiting staff had helpfully provided both English and [...]

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