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Oo-er Missus!

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It is unfortunate that the odd gros mot must creep into my blog now and again.  However, this is unavoidably the case when it comes to explaining certain cultural and linguistic observations in France. I apologise if you are easily offended.  I must admit though my sense of humour is partly to blame. Of course swear words can have their up-sides, since posting this little piece about a student party group in town - the number of visitors to these pages has practically doubled.  I am guessing that the new visitors don't stay terribly long though, for the lack of (in)appropriate visual stimulus probably has them hitting 'back' within a few milliseconds. Getting to the point. Yesterday I extended my understanding of French slang with one new word: bite.  La bite (pronounced 'beet') is the non-medical way of referring to the male reproductive organ.  Yes - cock or dick spring to mind as direct translations. Interestingly though it's feminine. Soon after learning this I, of course, started sniggering to myself at the thought of the inevitable double-entendres one might [...]

Toupie or not toupie, that is the question

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spinning topsOur Christmas this year was dominated by the toy that has every French school-boy under the age of ten going nuts. They call it Toupie; and they play Toupie at breaktime, Toupie at lunchtime, Toupie after school and Toupie at home. It's like a perpetual conker season without the conkers (buck eyes) [...]

The Eurozone crisis

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Having spent a two week period in the UK over the Christmas period it seems that my Britannic compatriots are under the impression that those of us living the other side of the channel are undergoing some sort of nuclear winter.  What do they picture is going on exactly?  Tumble-weed rolling across a deserted industrial landscape?  Food rationing?  3 mile queues for bread and potatoes? The reality is that most people don't understand what's going on so are content to place the whole thing at arms length and pretend it's someone else's problem.  Lending it a snappy taxonomy like "The Eurozone Crisis" keeps the Americans and British under the false impression that they are somehow excluded from it. The fact is, the crisis that is going on in the Eurozone is the same crisis going on in the USA and in the UK - that of debt, lots of debt, mountains and mountains of debt ... coupled with the sudden cold feet of the banks (who got us into this mess in the first place) to lend money at [...]

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