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Mais, sans blague

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Il y a quelques mois quelqu'un m'a suggérée que si je voulais plus de trafic à mon site je devrais songer de changer la langue d’écriture.  Mais, sans blague. C'est à discuter. Lorsque je ne me sens pas trop confortable en français, je me demande pourquoi pas? C'est clair que après, quoi, six ans en France mon niveau de compréhension n'est pas mauvais, malgré le fait que je suis pas Vladimir Nabakov quand je l’écris. Bref, je vous demande ce que vous pensez. Ça ne servirais à rien? Bonne idée peut-être?  Dois-je essayer les articles en parallèle texte?  Écrire en alternance français puis anglais? Des commentaires mes kikis ...

Don’t say it!

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After three night's performance with Quai des Prunes at the Kafteur I am finally able to wear green again with confidence, for the very word, green, is said to bring Francophone actors bad luck. I am not normally superstitious but having recently taken up acting (bilingually) I have been somewhat influenced by my fellow French players. In English theatre it is well known that the mere mention of the Scottish Play (MacBeth) is strictly forbidden for fear of bringing bad luck upon a show. So it is with 'Green', 'Rope', 'Bucket' and 'Rabbit' [vert, corde, seau, lapin] in French theatre. The superstition is such that scripts will be changed should any of these words appear.  So lines such as There's a rabbit in that green bucket on a rope! or There's a green rabbit on a rope chewing my bucket! or The rabbit hopped over the bucket and ate the green rope! would have to be changed significantly. I wonder if there's anything you shouldn't say in a blog?

Strasbourg’s other University

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Although strictly speaking the Université Populaire Européenne (UPE) is actually part of the University of Strasbourg it is very much regarded as something entirely separate from the City's sprawling educational establishment, which this year, as ever, is welcoming over 40,000 students. The reason being is that the UPE is where those of us whom have matured (beyond binge drinking and playing house music until 4am with the windows open), go to study for the sheer pleasure of personal development. For a small annual fee (40 €)  you can enrol to study any number academic, vocational or artistic courses throughout the year; paying 95€ for each 24 week course you take on top.  Which means, in case you hadn't already guessed, it's the perfect place to go to improve your understanding of French for a relatively small outlay. Incredibly, there are some 45 different language classes for non-francophones.  So whatever level you're at - there's bound to be something to whet your appetite.  Moreover, if you're a fluent French speaker already, you might want to consider some of the other [...]

Music Schools in Strasbourg

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For a city so small it is quite surprising to learn that Strasbourg has no fewer than 17 music schools within it's boundaries.  So if you, or your children (on Wednesdays for example), would like to learn an instrument, sing in a choir, play in an orchestra or simply study the art-form then you're spoiled for choice.  Some are specialist schools, others are colocated within the quartiers socio-culturel centres but all offer one-to-one teaching as well as group classes. With inscriptions starting next week, right now is the best time to start considering which one is right for you.  Pricing is usually per trimestre so remember to times by three to get the annual cost.  Note that whichever course you decide to take you will usually have to pay an annual membership fee to the school on top of your course fees. Now, I have no idea which ones are good or bad or whatever, so if you have any knowledge in this area - please feel free to share it below in the comments form. Otherwise - to [...]

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