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Koenigshoffen ‘East’ or Robertsau ?

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I recently received this wee message from Andrew who poses a number of not uncommon questions about Strasbourg.  Seeing as there'll be a vast influx of new students to the city very shortly - I thought an open reply might prove useful to other new readers of EiS? I am soon to be moving to Strasbourg for a year, and I am trying to find a place to live. I don't really speak much French at all (though I'm going to do an intensive course in the next few weeks). There are two apartments that I am considering at the moment, and I wonder if you might be able to give me an idea of what the areas are like. The first one is in Robertsau, and the second in Koenigshoffen East. From what I've read, Koenigshoffen can be a wee bit dodgy. Is that accurate? I can't really find any opinions on Robertsau though. It looks slightly more salubrious from the pictures and so on that I've seen, though it's less conveniently located for me. Hi Andrew, Interestingly [...]

A Little Bit of Chaos

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Is it wrong to write a review for your own book? It's certainly not illegal. Arguably, if prepared to admit the conflict of interest up front, there's no reason why an author shouldn't at least have a go at convincing people to buy their own work. Ahem. In the most impartial and balanced way you understand?

Rastamouse : linguistic regression for the nation’s youth

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Language development in a bilingual child can be severely retarded if they see no point in learning to communicate in a language that is not spoken locally. So, as the parent of bilingual children, one of the reasons you need to make regular trips back to your homeland is to demonstrate to your offspring that your native language has value, and thus to give them the impetus to learn it.

Holiday? What Holiday?

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One major disadvantage of having kids abroad is having to trade in your time previously allotted to 'holidays' for visits back 'home' - to ensure your offspring get some quality time with their extended family. While in theory these visits need not be stressful nor expensive they are inevitably usually both - as well as downright exhausting.  It seems every time we return to Strasbourg after a lengthy sojourn in the UK we promise ourselves "Never again"; only to do it all again a few months later. There are three obvious alternatives to this annual / bi-annual / trimestrial pilgrimage: ignore the family and go and enjoy oneself elsewhere PROS: you get to go somewhere different every year and have as much of a real holiday as is possible with children in tow CONS: snubbing the family is likely to result in ex-communication, no more birthday presents and being written out of various wills; hate mail is also a strong possibility ensure the entire family make regular visits to see you PROS: no need to go anywhere; regular free [...]

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