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Strasbourg’s disorganised Summer festival

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The Summer festival of 2004 coincided with the first visit we made to our now chosen home of Strasbourg.  Then, when the town was ruled by Mayor Fabienne Keller, the festival was the low-key 'L'Ill aux Lumières' based around the stretch of river running from Palais Rohan to Petite France. Every night from 10pm-midnight they closed the road from Quai de Bateliers to Quai Finkwiller to enable the public and tourists to enjoy the various spectacles without the annoyance and noise of perpetual traffic. Promenading from Palais Rohan to Pont St Thomas, either along the road or tow-path you were treated to a variety of attractions from innovative water-based art to live shows performed on barges or along the Quais. Dance or comedy would mix with arts based upon a theme that changed each year.  In 2006 organisers excelled themselves by creating a giant living gargoyle that vomited water into the river every ten minutes or so. (pictured) The result was a two hour delight for locals and tourists alike, who gravitated to this stretch of river not just [...]

Mister Cellophane

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I've been keeping my eyes open for vacancies, in my rather-too-specialised field of International English language business e-marketing-communications and global brand management, for a good six months now, but as yet haven't received a single job offer nor interview request. Now this isn't particularly unfamiliar territory for me, as I have never actually got a job through application in my life, normally moving from job to job on the basis of recommendation and reputation. What is worrying me however is that here in France I have no reputation to speak of nor anyone to recommend me professionally. There are a number of additional problems which I am currently seeking ways to overcome: if anyone in the Region were looking for someone like me, the chances are they would not look here, in Strasbourg, right under their noses, as recruitment activities are likely to be outsourced to an agency with a foot in London or Paris at the very least I have copious amounts of industry experience, however in France this seems to count for nothing. Instead they appear to [...]

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