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Hands high if you’re European!

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Congratulations to Germany and the pretty little Lena for Saturday night's Eurovision victory. While I can't say I was particularly impressed by said performer's Manc-o-Cockney-Irish accent, nor her interview technique, you have to give the girl credit for her performance. Whether she was the 'least-worst' or the 'best' is debatable, but it was all very entertaining nonetheless. And who can begrudge the people of Germany having danced so cooly for our entertainment in the streets of Hamburg and Dusseldorf for the half-time show? If you weren't there you missed something special - with hoards of dancers across the continent coordinating their choreography to the tunes of Flashmob, mixed in with Eurovision fans getting down in their living rooms thanks to the wonder of webcam. It was an amazing spectacle. The best moments coming from Vilnius, Gothenburg, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Dublin (but not from London where they got the timing all wrong). It was a moment that made you proud to be a European, a moment of brotherhood ... it was just like totally awesome (to quote Lena). If you [...]

A word on the Euro

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There seems to have been little else in the news of late - but it seems the world's finance 'experts' (the ones who failed to predict any of the last three market crashes) - have been spending a lot of their time dissing the Euro. Predicting the end of the monetary union and financial melt-down across Europe. The British press and Eurosceptic politicians have been gobbling up this BS as if to say 'see - we told you so!' while handily avoiding a few facts: while the Euro might be worth less to the dollar now than it did a couple of years ago, the same could be said of the pound to the Euro when the Euro was first launched, it was worth less than a dollar, dropping to around 85 cents at one point, now however it currently trades at around 1 dollar 20 cents since the crisis the pound as strengthened against the Euro by an unimpressive 2 cents! Still miles away from it's pre-VAT cut levels. Greece might be a basket case - but then [...]

The BMW X6

By |2017-01-06T11:16:40+01:00May 4th, 2010|Strasbourg|

I couldn't help but notice when I cycled past one of these monsters the other day, and then after catching sight of two more shortly afterwards I thought it worth sharing my thoughts on BMW's latest contribution to the world. First off you can't fault BMW's business sense in recognising that there are enough people out there who meet the required demographic, people who: are ridiculously wealthy lack imagination have no taste have no style have no class know nothing about cars* don't give a toss about the planet are sickeningly self-centred have no life have no friends, and play golf I also suspect there was some market research that pointed to a dysfunction in the domain of sexual performance, however that would be sheer speculation on my part. One upshot of the release of the X6 is that if you're an owner of a Porsche Cayenne - you can no longer be regarded as the greatest tosser on the road. *See Jeremy Clarkson's review on Top Gear

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