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By |2010-02-22T12:23:24+01:00February 22nd, 2010|Uncategorized| JS:Small-C [Trj] Many thanks to Matt and Danny who spotted the above virus attacks on this site. I have now cleaned-up and everything should be functioning as normal - if not - please tell me asap!

The English in France

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I discovered this article today - and thought it might interest you ... To read the original go to France Diplomatie. "The British have been coming to France for a long time now. This transient population from across the Channel is very familiar to the French - with the holidaymakers and retirees who have set up second homes in the South West of the country. But in recent years, it has been whole families that have come to settle and work in the French countryside. It is an accepted fact that France is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Its climate, lifestyle, culture, architecture and tourist facilities make it a very attractive country. It is more surprising to find an influx of Europeans coming to settle here, whether in the major cities or in the countryside. A significant number of Germans, Dutch, but above all English people, are now to be found all over the country. In fifteen years the number of British people who have their main residence in France has multiplied tenfold, from 50,000 in 1990 [...]

A good reason to head down to Switzerland – whatever the weather

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Last weekend I was party to a expedition to the incredible Alpamare acquatic complex a few miles south of Zurich. Billed as the biggest covered waterpark in Europe - this has to be the most incredible 'swimming baths' I have been to in my life, and if I were less than half my age - I'd probably be bugging my parents to take me there again next weekend, and every weekend for the next year or so. It's so cool! With 10 tube slides (including those that shoot you out into the open and pouring rain/snow/hail) of varying excitement, that you can negotiate on your backside, a matt, rubber ring or dingy (2 or 3 man); there is a hot outdoor salt pool, a warm outdoor swimming pool (with cold plunge pool), an outdoor 'rapids' and an indoor sloped pool with wave machine and storm effects. The complex is built on the side of one of Switzerland's smaller mountains (about 50 meters high I'd say) in the nondescript suburb of Pfaffikon on the south side of Lake Zurich. If [...]

There’s nothing a cognac can’t cure

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I've had a day of high emotion, but thankfully there's been some top quality liquor nearby to sooth it's passing. On reflection it's been an education in the way different people approach business. I began the day by hosting a very amicable meeting of the Strasbulles 2010 design team. All in French of course, but I got the gist of my responsibilities (albeit unpaid) and agreed a set of goals with my compatriots. I then returned to my PC to read some good news - I had landed a new UK account! An old colleague had followed my movements and pushed a new venture my way. It's nice to work with old friends particularly on projects that they are passionate about and have the potential to grow into something quite exciting for all concerned. Marvellous. Then it all went downhill... My PC's power-supply (which has been on the blink for about a week) finally gave up the ghost, forcing me into a panic back-up of all my open files before the battery ran out. Anticipating this I had already [...]

Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla? (A Trick Question)

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This post by Aaron Winborn, author of, among other things, a book entitled 'Drupal Multimedia' seems to find it's way to the top of my Google search queries on a regular basis. The article, written in August 2008, weighs up the pros and cons of the three leading open-source content management systems (CMS) on the market. As you can probably guess Mr Winborn recommends Drupal as the most flexible solution for serious website developers, hence the trick question. Having now built sites using all three systems I can safely say now that not one of them can be regarded as the best solution for all needs, however, as time goes by I am increasingly convinced that Wordpress will eventually become the default choice for website construction. Things have changed a lot since August 2008. While the development of Drupal and Joomla may have progressed, the sheer size of the user community lending itself to improving the program have accelerated the development of Wordpress' gamut of functionalities ten-fold; and 12 million downloads of the current selection of themes tells you [...]

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