How to celebrate the New Year – French style

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Do one of the following in the hours approaching midnight: do one final ammunition check, dash out to buy up any last stocks of contraband 'petards' from the nearest corner-shop, double check you have a cigarette lighter or 'briquette' to see you through til morning attend a 'reveillion' (New Year's Party), eat well, drink expensively watch some seriously low quality television show featuring cabaret acts or 'funny' home video clips Then when midnight finally arrives: get together with a bunch of hoodies on a street corner kiss everyone in the room, on both cheeks, and wish them 'bonne annee'; even if they're of the same sexflick through all the channels and wonder why none of them are showing the fireworks in Paris at the Eiffel Tower Just after midnight: spark up the first banger and chuck it at one of your friends, laugh hilariously when he catches fire down that last glass of cremant/champagne then head out into the street, shouting 'wahey' as loud as you can (repeat several times if you're really really drunk) switch off the TV [...]