Tight trollies only

By |2009-02-22T16:40:40+01:00February 22nd, 2009|Strasbourg|

I've recently been enjoying the wonders of the bains municipals (municipal baths), thanks in no small part to a pulled knee ligament preventing me from running to keep fit. Built by the Germans just before the outbreak of WWI, the neo-roman style building on Blvd de la Victoire houses it's main bath beneath a large vaulted ceiling, in a space which displays many of the it's original architectural features (a real pleasure when you're doing backstroke). It's 3.30 Euro for a dip, and if you want to keep your kit secure while swimming you need to remember to have a 1 Euro coin handy for the changing cubicle. As with all swimming pools (piscines) in France there is a bizarre rule for gentlemen who wish to swim; and that is - 'no baggies'. Meaning, men are expected to wear tight-fitting trunks rather than the loose-fitting kind. Indeed, a friend of mine said he had visited a pool in Paris where they not only insisted that they be tight fitting - but also be made of rubber. Kinky. One supposes [...]