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Louis Pasteur must be turning in his grave

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... on a daily basis. The work of the former Strasbourg University Professor who fathered the process now know as 'Pasteurisation' is still regarded as an oddity here in France. In fact it seems most people have no idea what Pasteurisation is. Why else would milk producers feel the need to write on their product: La pasteurisation douce de ce lait permet de retrouver les saveurs et les qualities du lait frais. Il est inutile de la faire bouillir avant consommation. Translation: "Mild Pasteurisation of this milk lets the flavour and quality of fresh milk remain. It is pointless boiling it before consuming." Bizarre! – worse than Ryanair

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Previously I had been advising my friends and relatives to buy their London to Strasbourg train tickets via the Eurostar website. As it was a cheaper and easier option than buying the Paris to Strasbourg leg separately through SNCF. To my disgust, it now appears that this is no longer true. Eurostar are shamelessly capitalising on their customers' ignorance and making a killing. For example - when I tried booking a Strasbourg-London return on for this coming December, I was given three options: Business flexi €600, Leisure non-flexi €300, Standard semi-flexi €400. But by booking exactly the same train without the Strasbourg leg I obtained standard non-fexi return for €77. Booking the Strasbourg leg separately through SNCF - I managed to find a standard return that gave me a first class seat on the way back for €125. That beats Eurostar's best all-in price by about €100. There should be a law against this sort of practice ... if there isn't already?!

Shame on the BBC!

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The BBC should be ashamed of themselves. Once-upon-a-time their international news website was held up as the benchmark by which all others were judged, now it's starting to look about as hip as a tweed jacket. In the past, as a regular 'international' user of the site, I have been frustrated by dead links and 404 pages, but now the final straw - advertising has come to the BBC. Today the BBC news homepage makes a bigger feature out of it's ad banners for British Airways than it does of the crisis in Pakistan. From You will have noticed that the BBC website features a limited amount of advertising when viewed from outside the UK. That's the only alteration - the content of the site remains unchanged and continues to feature the same high quality journalism and entertainment that the BBC has always pioneered. We've introduced advertising to visitors outside of the UK because the new revenue created will allow us to further improve our journalism, our programmes and our website in the years ahead. Impartiality is of [...]

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