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Blind candi-Date

By |2007-04-09T21:14:11+01:00April 9th, 2007|Strasbourg|

Today the campaigning began for the French Presidential Elections. So now's a good time for me to make a prediction on the outcome... But who will it be? Could it be: Number 1: Scum-washing Nicolas Sarkozy. The diminuitive former Interior Minister thinks that France needs an enema; he might be right - but will his hose be big enough for the job? Number 2: Super-mum Segolene Royal. The only socialist in the western hemisphere not to be branded a 'loony'; but she looks good in a bikini - so who cares? Number 3: Mister-scary himself Jean-Marie Le Pen. The national front leader with a stomach for cheese, but not for foreigners. He ain't in it to win it, but your vote will make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or will it be Number 4: Timothy-Dalton-double Francois Bayrou. The dark horse candidate; he can't carry a bikini like Segolene, but he's got one of those cute dimpled chins - so who can resist? My prediction - Sarkozy will come out top in the first round, with Segolene in [...]

One year on

By |2017-01-06T11:16:54+01:00April 3rd, 2007|Strasbourg|

It's official - I've been resident in France for exactly a year now. An event which I'm celebrating by sipping from a glass of two-day-old Alsacienne Pinot Noir whilst updating my blog - in English. Yes the fact remains, even though I might be completely immersed in the French culture and mired in their endearing system of bureaucracy, I remain for the most part British. My clients are British, I work almost exclusively in English, I socialise with local anglophones and I keep tabs on British news and sport via the BBC website. I am most certainly a far cry from what M. Sarkozy might describe as 'integrated'. My understanding of the language has come along leaps and bounds, but I am still at least a year from being to speak it with any real confidence. I won't be able to vote in the up and coming French Presidential elections, and until I can understand French accountancy documents - I will have to continue paying someone who can translate it all into English for me (and trust them not [...]

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